Tami Parker

Other Duties as Assigned

Howdy! I’m Tami. I’m an artist, user experience engineer, web programmer, and fantasy writer.

Melding logic with creativity is my favorite form of alchemical mad science, and it fuels everything from my work to my play.

In my free time
  • I draw cute critters
  • I write fantasy stories
  • I play (a perfectly healthy number of) video games
  • And I tinker around with personal website projects.
At work
  • I focus on designing and coding user interfaces
  • Crafting and analyzing user tests
  • Project management
  • And endless mountains of documentation

Solving a puzzle and making the solution enjoyable to the user is the sunshine that warms my soul. Regardless of whether that puzzle is a programming problem or a novel’s plot arc, the end result should be a pleasure to experience.

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned