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The Best You


Be the best You you can be.

How do you WANT to define yourself?

What activities, qualities, hobbies, or loves do you want to be associated with?

“Oh, she’s a writer.” “Or him? He’s the most generous guy you’ll ever meet.” “Them? They know everything there is to know about dogs.”

If you fall short of those lofty ideals, do not fret.

Most everyone believes themselves to be less than they are — less than other people see them.

I have a coworker who calls me a writer. Inside, I doubt. I list my failures as if the sheer weight of them buries that label like the rubble from a broken building.

I am a writer. Not despite my failures, or even because of them.

I am a writer because writing makes me more like Me.

I can do better. I can become more Me than I am, but that doesn’t mean I cannot claim the title. That doesn’t make me unworthy of it.

I love to learn. I love to organize things. I love cute things and soft things and sweet things.

I am open and sympathetic. I am smart and sometimes I am brave.

It is important that I know what the best Me looks like because I cannot be the best someone else.

Who are you? What does the best You look like?

Write it down. Remember it.

Because nobody else can be You.

Don’t let anyone else try to convince you to be Else. Even if that “anyone” is yourself.

Know who and what you are and be the best You you can be.

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Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned