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Samurai Gourmet – A Netflix Show Recommendation


I’m not gonna hide it.

I’m super addicted to this Netflix show called Samurai Gourmet.

It is gentle and funny and calming and beautiful.

It is partly food appreciation, with gorgeous cooking cinematography.

It is partly auditory pleasure, with a combination of perfect background musics and internal dialogue from the hero, whose deep Japanese patter paints gorgeous portraits even without the accompanying subtitles.

It is partly guilty pleasure, as the hero (a recently-retired Japanese businessman aided by a Samurai spirit guide) revels in the knowledge that he can have beer in the middle of the day, or agonizes over whether or not he looks silly in the sunglasses he bought.

Seriously. This guy worries about everything. I relate to him so much — should I say something to the rude person, or keep quiet? What will people think if I eat spaghetti with the wrong utensils?

Watching him grow stronger as a person (to the point of actually standing up to someone by the end of the first season!) as he … well, he just ENJOYS the heck out of the food he’s eating.

I love this show.

It is the perfect calming evening-ender. I’ve fallen asleep to it almost every night since it’s been shown and I’ve watched every episode multiple times.

I’m addicted and I don’t even care.

Also, I want to go to Japan. I may not want to eat EVERYTHING he eats, but I want to at least TRY most of it.

If any of this sounds like something you’d enjoy, I strongly recommend checking it out.


Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned