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Real Life


We interrupt this internet frivolity to bring you news from real life.

Many of you are already aware that Steven and I are getting a divorce.

A loving, mutually-agreed-upon, for the best for both of us kind of separation … but it’s still the Big D.

Absolutely everyone has extended offers to help and be here for me no matter what I need. Because you are all amazing and awesome people.

And I promise to accept those offers of help when I need or want them. I do. I am not going to shut myself up in my home and shrink into myself. I’ve accepted an offer to go to a symphony that I otherwise would not have done. I am making plans to do things with people. I am mentally making plans to take a trip to Japan after the house sells. Maybe even New York and Canada. Maybe a cruise.

It’s going to be good, but it’s not going to be easy. I know that.

That being said, some details from my side of the fence.

1. It will take three months for the divorce to be final. There’s a mandatory waiting period for the paperwork.

2. I will be changing my name back to my maiden Parker. Tami Jean Parker.

3. TavenMoore.com and TamiMoore.com will remain domains I own for a while, after which point I may phase out TavenMoore. Steven will remain a trusted and super-valued partner in my writing adventures, just not to the same extent.

4. I’m considering TJ Parker as a pseudonym for writing. The domain isn’t available for poor folk like myself to buy, so I’m not sure what my new web space will look like. Suggestions are welcome. Maybe whiskerwing.com?

5. Tiny will be moving with me. Ollie will be heading on adventures with Steven.

6. I am moving into a cute little loft apartment next Friday. Most of my stuff is packed up and I have a moving company hired. Those who offered a strong back are off the hook — I’m taking more than I expected to, and I value your friendship more than the cost of a moving company, lol.

7. I am hoping to get a dog after a year. My current lease does not allow canine pets, so I have a year of buffer before I can make the call. I’d be shocked if I didn’t wholeheartedly invite a pupper into my life though. Expect blogged adventures looking through shelters (or just a single post if I fall in love immediately).

8. I’m keeping the blog. Expect an even more hodge-podgey mess of topics.

9. The Camelot house is going up for sale moooost likely the first week of July. It is an absolutely fantastic, gorgeous, magical forest of a home. If you know anyone wanting to move to the Madison Area, let me know and I’ll make sure they get the details. I’m sure the new owners will adore it as much as we did. (moreso, because we did a lot of upgrades and repairs they won’t have to worry about).

If there’s anything in particular you want me to make sure to blog about during the transition, let me know and I shall try to oblige.



  • *hug.

    If it helps to have a distraction, I wouldn’t mind some sort of blog post with many accompanying pictures about your decorating process, cause I’ve been ever so fond of the Mystical Writing Closet 1.0, and the Hobbit Hole Writing Room ™.

    • This can and will be done. The before pictures were taken with only two ill-placed shopping bags I forgot to move. The after pictures will happen later this week, when I’ve cleared off the last of the “oops, just kidding. I didn’t actually want to move that” stuff out of the living room.

  • Not something I ever expected to be a part of, or put my name on…but that’s life for you.

    I wish you all the best, and am quite chuffed you are going to lean into the writing aspect of who you are. Sure, there will be less ven than if my input were greater, but that ven aspect had really become an en or maybe even a n recently. Taven worked…I mean just look at Choose! But Tamen, Tamien, or Tamin…see it just doesn’t work as well.

    Now if you go with T.J. Parker, I’m pretty sure I can hide my influence in the punctuations.

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned