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Banish Flimsy Nails Forever With This One Inexpensive Cream


Okay, despite how clickbaity that title is?

… I’m absolutely here to tell you about this cream.

It’s called Healthy Hoof and you can buy it on Amazon.

It is not expensive.

It IS magical.

I bought it less because of my nails (I had long ago resigned myself to floppy nails for life) but rather because I’d developed some rather destructive nervous habits with the dry skin on my hands.

So I picked this stuff up to try it.

I keep it at my desk at work. A few times I week, I remember I have it and dollop a tiny bit on my dry skin and nails. It takes about a minute longer than I would like before it sinks in and isn’t lotion-y/slimy feeling … but it’s totally worth it.

It took a while for the nail effect to be obvious, but this is the longest, healthiest, strongest, and most magical my nails have EVER been.

If you or someone you love suffers from flimsy, floppy, too-soft nails, I recommend it. It also totally helped for my dry/cracked skin problem. But the nail thing is the stuff of unicorn daydreams.

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Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned