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At Bre’s (excellent) suggestion, I enabled email subscription to the blog!

If you’re not a feed-reader person, I recommend taking a peek at that left sidebar (or behind the hamburger menu if you’re mobile) and signing up. You’ll get an email a minute or so after something posts and you can follow up at your leisure.

The only thing I’d recommend is waiting a few days to check on the writing prompts, because Perry noodles in when he has time and you really don’t want to miss his responses. <3



  • Tried to do this, but when I clicked “Subscribe” I got a message that there was an error. No details, sadly, about what that error was.

  • Ugh, super gross. It worked for me (and for Bre) on the same day I installed it but I’m getting the error now too. I may nix this option and try a different one — all the solutions I’m seeing online involve me changing permissions on folders, which I am so incredibly not going to do after the hacking debacle a while back. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned