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Email Subscriptions


Fingers crossed! I have a new email subscription form in the sidebar (or menu if you’re mobile). This one is through MailChimp and should be based on my rss feed — no permissions weirdness and no emails being sent from my host.

I signed up and I got a confirmation message. Hopefully I get a new post notification tomorrow morning!


  • Okay, totally weirded me out that I didn’t get a pop up or anything when I clicked the button…but I did get a confirmation email, so I should be subscribed. Hopefully I am subscribed once and not six times.

    • And I got an email with a single blog post from earlier that morning … but I kind of expected to get at least one of the previous day’s posts as well. Fingers crossed for both of us that it’s actually fine. (Another post is scheduled for Monday already, so I don’t need to do a test post yet)

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned