Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned

In Which I Find Myself At Odds



I’m honestly not entirely sure what to blog about.

When I wrote Egotistical Priest, I had a clear theme.

When I worked on Choose, that also had a very clear focus … and being so very entrenched in writing also gave my personal blog a focus.

Now, though? Now, I feel singularly ill equipped for posting writing advice. Not the least of which is because the internet fairly bristles with resources willing to tell you exactly how to solve your creative woes.


The thing is, those of you who follow me here? You’re not here because of a particular video game. You’re not waiting for the writing advice that will change your life. You’re not even here for cute cat pictures.

You’re here to hang out with me and each other, and I am an amalgam of all those hobbies and more.

I have several friends with personal blogs who I follow because I like hearing them talk, not necessarily because I feel what they have to say will shake me to my foundations. I love when they post about things that I personally care more about, but I also enjoy their random life posts.

I have no expectations on what they do, I am just happy they are doing it.

Hodge-Podge Permission

So I’m giving myself permission to have a random, hodge-podge sort of blog here. I am unhitching myself from my own skewed vision of Other’s Expectations.

And I’m going to do it for my writing as well as my blogging. It’s no surprise that one of the things halting my progress is worry (no, not even that. Absolute Certainty) that I will not produce writing up to my old standards.

How could I? I’m a different person than I was back then.

But the looming spectre of disappointing you refuses to budge, even though I know it’s ridiculous.

It’s ridiculous and it’s keeping me from blogging because I don’t want to bore you with totally random topics.

It’s ridiculous and it’s keeping me from writing because I worry that I’ll be letting you down.

In both cases, I’m letting not just you but also MYSELF down. Which is just silly.

*Cue the Disney Music*

So here’s my equally silly announcement to my readers — be prepared for … anything, really.

Both in blogging and in writing. <3


Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned