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Coco – An Animated Movie You Should See


Last night, a friend and I watched Coco.


And super good, to boot.


And Tumblr-approved for avoiding even a whiff of cultural appropriation, which may not matter to all of you, but which did make me feel relieved.

I enjoyed every moment of it, from the art (did I mention GORGEOUS) to the beautiful music and the wonderfully tender storyline.

And the seriously goofball dog.

It felt like stepping into another world and there was a part of me that ached to leave it.

Definitely a recommended watch, and one that I’m glad I caught in theaters. The sheer awe-inspiring scale of the City of the Dead would be lost on my tiny screen.

P.S. I want a flying catbirdĀ alebrije.


  • We enjoyed it too. What we didn’t enjoy was taking two small kids to a decently long movie (not that it felt that way) that had a 20-30 minute Frozen “short” beforehand (which did feel long). The two-year-old was kinda done about 20-30 minutes before the movie ended (which, I mean, this *was* her first movie in a theater and she *is* two, so, that wasn’t *that* unexpected, but _still_).

    • That’s why they removed the “short” — by the time I saw it on Monday, it had already been nixed. You were definitely not the only family hugely disappointed by it (and apparently it was lukewarm at best anyway).

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned