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Emergency Freezer Burrito Follow-Up


I promised a follow up to my Emergency Freezer Burrito post, and you shall have it forthwith!

I’m a fan.

(temptation to hit the publish button rising. riiiisssiiiinngg….)

In all seriousness, I tried two sizes of tortillas. The larger “burrito” size, and the one-size smaller family-pack that I got from Costco. (Sorry I can’t give a more useful size description than that — costco’s website doesn’t list them and apparently tortillas come in a lot more sizes than I expected).

The “burrito” size was the recommended size and although I can see why (it was MUCH easier to roll a full burrito with the extra inch or so around the edges) the convenience of buying a crapton of inexpensive tortillas outweighs that in my mind.

Because I am incapable of creating a burrito with the recommended amount of stuffing, you guys.

A little bit of rice, a few chunks of chicken, some beans, some sauteed onions, peppers and all the sudden I’M the monster. Pfft.

(Seriously though, you should probably put about half as much filling in there as I do. Don’t be like me. Even though I have no intention of being better about this the next time I do it.)

ANYWAY. The other thing I got from Costco that I recommend are pre-cut tinfoil squares.

Because I made a LOT of burritos you guys. Even stuffing them cramjam bursting full, I used EVERY SINGLE TORTILLA IN THE HOUSE.

And I made exactly one box of spanish rice (wiiiith one can of tomatoes in it), one sauteed onion, one cup of beans, two sauteed peppers, one small container of mushrooms, two zucchini, and one small sweet potato.

It didn’t seem like a ton at the time but when I laid out all the bowls for the assembly line, I felt a little flutter of fear in my heart.

So yeah. Costco sized tortillas? Check. Pre-cut thin tinfoil sheets? Checkity-check-check.

I would have started gnawing on the walls if I’d had to tear all those tinfoil sheets by hand, and I would NOT have been efficient about it.

Moving on.

Foil. Tortilla. Spoonfulls of various combinations of fillings. Tuck, wrap, fold, label.

Times a billion.

I have now EATEN many of the burritos I made and I can assure you, this is an excellent plan.

I haven’t figured out the exact microwave time for them yet (I’m thinking around a  minute and a half) but despite my overfilling them, the tortillas I used are so soft that they sort of … sealed themselves? (And I want to point out that I specifically had zero cheese in these — not from any moral high ground, I just had no cheese in the house and zero desire to LEAVE the house to get cheese).

I wrap mine in a soft cotton napkin before microwaving. Partially because I don’t like using paper towels only to throw them away, and also because the tortillas are soft enough to sometimes meld with the outer material and I certainly don’t want to EAT paper towels.

I’ve heated up some small ones to toss a breakfast fried egg into. I’ve taken them for lunches to work.

The vegetable flavor (which is really all the seasoning I have in there. Only the rice had any sort of spice beyond salt) is REALLY compelling and they always smell wonderful when they come out.

Sometimes I have overcooked them and I’ll get one corner that’s a little tough (or interestingly, really dried out and crispy) but they’re always delicious.

So yes, I will do this again. Unquestioningly. The convenience of just grabbing a pre-wrapped burrito from my freezer to dash out the door to work is unbelievable and I made a TON of food for a very small cost outlay.

Two thumbs up.

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