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To “Read More” or not to “Read More”


I’ve been waffling about adding “read more” breakpoints in my longer blog posts.

When I’m READING a blog post, I hate them. They require another click to finish the content and they’re not always user-friendly.

However, when I’m scanning a blog to try and find a previous blog post, these super long ramble-fests of mine get REALLY tedious.

Do YOU, oh-readers, have opinions on them? Do you care, do you not care, and why?

If I don’t get a “please do not do this thing” from at least one person, I’ll be adding them, so … fair warning. 😉


  • I don’t mind them. If you’re subscribed by email you get set a direct link to the post anyway, so no extra clickety-click (except I guess to get to the post in the first place, but you’d have to do that anyway)

  • The additional click to finish a post isn’t the worst thing in the world. The benefit to the user is just as you described: an easy way to skim dozens or hundreds of posts without scrolling seventeen miles. The benefit to you, the content provider, is you can actually get analytics feedback: each “read more” will generate a direct hit to a post. Had all the reading been done at “tamiparker.com” you’d never know what posts were getting the most clicks.

    I’d leave them. There are far more annoying things on the web than a benign button to continue reading a post…

    • <3 Thank you! I still need to fiddle with the theme a little and see if I can make it more ... *waves hands* ... user friendly, but it does make my homepage look less terrifying as well.

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned