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Poll 1: The Protagonist’s Experience


Today’s poll will tell us a little about our new protagonist.

Our Protagonist Should Be ...

  • Born and raised within a world totally unlike our own. Familiar with some things and yet still surprised by things both unexpected and strange. (75%, 6 Votes)
  • A fish out of water. Dragged from this world into a wholly new one filled with heretofore unimagined wonders. (25%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 8

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I’ve got an idea that lends itself to either, but I REALLY want to know if you, as a reader, are so incredibly tired of “modern human finds herself in an unfamiliar setting” style stories, or if maybe you love that trope and want to see more of it.

I haven’t yet decided on the unfamiliar setting itself (stay tuned for upcoming posts!) but I definitely want to know if I’m aiming at someone dragged from our world into another or if you’d rather read about someone already familiar with this “other” world.

I have a way I’m leeeaaaning towards writing, but I’d like to see what your collective thoughts are.



  • At this point, I’m the lone vote (1 of 3) for the fish out of water. But that’s just my own personal preference and not necessarily what will work best for you. 🙂

    • And now it’s 6 and 2 (perhaps not being quite so along is comforting, even though the odds remain the same).

      Also, if it matters, I don’t bother with the IP address sleuthing that would tell me who voted what … you are naturally invited to out yourself with your vote (and encouraged to do so if you wish to use the comments to sway your fellow voters, as has happened in the past).

      But I won’t tell who chose what if you don’t. 😉

      My polls never have an option in them that I would dislike doing. Making them is sometimes akin to the old advice to flip a coin when making a decision — the moment the coin is in the air, you know what you really want to do in the first place. So THOSE polls never see the light of day.

      Instead, my polls are genuine crossroads for me. I could happily write one or the other, but especially in this case, the entire flavor of the piece changes depending upon the result.

      There are definitely SOME tropes that I’ll be deliberately writing whether or not my audiences desire them. I love them, and that’s all that matters sometimes. ^_^

  • Portal fantasy is usually a tough sell for me (hence my vote for the other option). You’re one of the people I would trust to do it well, but the endings almost always hurt a little bit (whether they stay in the portal-land, or go back home, it’s almost always bittersweet).

    • /nod

      And although I like some bittersweet in my stories, I don’t usually enjoy it in my endings. And my own hesitations about portal fantasy (nicely identified with the correct term, by the way. Thank you. <3) drove this poll.

      Yes, I have an idea that would utilize it, but I have read some really cringe-worthy additions to the trope and was worried I would contribute to the garbage fire instead of flying above it.

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned