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Poll 2: Of Bats and Wolves


Let’s hammer out a few worldbuilding elements.

I want to preface here that I use the terms “vampire” and “werewolf” sparingly — I may or may not choose to incorporate some very obvious references to either, but I will NOT be rehashing the same old werewolf and vampire power tropes that are commonly available.

In particular, alpha werewolves and irresistibly creepy vampires shall NOT feature.

However, I do like some aspects of both mythos.

Moreso than the poll, I am inviting you to verbalize your hesitations about the use of either trope in the comments — so if you think I might do something akin to “vampire” but you’re so sick of X, Y, and Z aspects of vampire stories, please please please comment and tell me. That way, even if I decide to go “vampire”, I can be a better writer and avoid those things that invoke a facepalming gag reflex in my readers. <3

I like my stories to have ...

  • Both! Both is good. (71%, 5 Votes)
  • A Power/Source relationship. Not entirely unlike vampire, but definitely not your normal emo blood vampire. (14%, 1 Votes)
  • Neither. (14%, 1 Votes)
  • An internal Power relationship. Not entirely unlike werewolves, but definitely not your normal alpha uncontrollable beast werewolves. (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 7

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  • TBH I’m not exactly sure what I’m voting on, here? Is it Power/Source like the “magic” comes from a source (i.e. blood) vs. Internal Power like the “magic” is intrinsic (i.e. shifting ability)? Or is it Power/Source like vamp/thrall and internal Power like pack structure? Or something else? I am confused.

    That said, you know my feelings about werewolves already and I trust you to avoid the things I most hate about them.

    • It is Power/Source like the “magic” comes from a source. (for example, one person produces something that another person needs in order to be powerful)

      And it is Internal Power like the “magic” is intrinsic.

      So yes, as your first note indicated. Although I would accept votes on any variation (and also comments to the effect of “okay, but if you do literal blood drinking I WILL revolt”)

      • Ah. In that case I really don’t care – it’s the social dynamics part of werewolves that I don’t like, as we’ve previously discussed. And vampires are a bit boring unless one is doing something different with them (I quite liked Gail Carriger’s hive setup for her vampires, I think I nicked it for a Storium setting that didn’t end up going anywhere).

        But yeah. I don’t have a strong preference. I think probably Power/Source is less common and thus maybe more interesting? But I’m not fussed either way.

        • <3 You and I definitely have the same issue with how werewolf power dynamics play out in "traditional" werewolf setups.

          And although I maintain that vampires can be done in a non-tiresome way, this particular writing endeavor shall not have the ancient, blood-sucking sex predator in it. ;)

  • I voted for power and source as I tend to be quite fond of that idea…though I’ve yet to really make it take off for me.

    One that comes to mind is Trickster by Jeff Somers. Blood mages and all. It did interesting things with the concept, I though.

  • I voted for “both” but wanted to add a few notes. You talk of avoiding “tropes,” and I’m all for that. But my advice is to dig deeper than that.

    Vampires have been done a million times, of course. But what is a vampire? It’s a being that lives off the life force of other beings. There’s lots of ways that can go. Doesn’t have to be a man with a cape from eastern Europe. Doesn’t have to sparkle in the sun. Doesn’t even have to have fangs.

    Same with werewolves. It’s one form of therianthropy. You can write something that recalls a werewolf, but isn’t exactly a man-wolf who changes during a full moon.

    Lots of possibilities!

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned