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Character Meandering


I’m still here. I’ve got a surprising amount of groundwork done on some things, but the one thing that usually comes first for me is proving elusive.

My main character.

Since her personality and skillsets will drive the story, she is the most important piece for the way I personally write stories, and she just …

… she’s hiding from me.

I have her best friend (a gryphon).

I have a villain, a mentor, a family.

I think she’s angry. I think she is strong-willed and scrappy. She’s observant and clever.

I wanted her to be book-smart (taking Hermione out of her undeserved secondary character status) but I think that might be the piece I just keep jamming in the wrong spot for her. I was trying to avoid making her a jock – the equivalent of a football hero – but maybe that fits her too well for me to avoid.

Just because I identify strongly with Twilight doesn’t mean Dash doesn’t deserve her stories told, too.


There you have it. That kind of thing right there? That’s why I haven’t been doing as many polls as anticipated. By the time I articulate what the poll might be, I already know how I want the voting to go.

As a parting note, I leave you with the following:

Why does “The Princess Bride” seem all well and good, but the moment you say “The Prince Husband” it looks just about as horrible as a title could possibly be?


  • It’s not “The Princess Wife.” 😀

    That said, “The Prince (Bride)Groom” is only slightly better than “The Prince Husband.”

    • For some reason, this right here (and the question earlier stated) just made me think of worse, hopefully made up, movies.

      “Groom for One More”. The hilarious comedy staring Hugh Grant about a widower trying to find a wife, only to keep leaving her at the altar. Brought to you by the makers of “Runaway Bride” and misogyny, “Groom for One More” is sure to be a classic that will leave you in the aisles.

      FALL 2019

      “Prince of Groom”

      • Awwww…the blog ate my angle brackets 🙁

        Lessee if I can remember them…
        [80s movie announcer voice]

        [minor key version of “Going to the Chapel of Love” plays slowly on a music box]
        [fade into a bouquet slowly dropping petals]
        [deep, gravely announcer voice]

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned