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Pinched Nerve


Anyone else notice how when you have a pinched nerve, nothing else matters?

Like a coworker is all “how are you?” and you just want to respond “pinched nerve, and you?”

Or how no matter what you do, from unloading the dishwasher to turning the page in a book, your body is all “hey, remember that pinched nerve? Still there! Have some pain!”

Or how you start keeping up a running commentary about how noble and strong you are for keeping up with your normal house chores and maintaining a baseline of personal cleanliness? “Look at her, swanning across the living room as if she hadn’t a care in the world. Look now, as she picks up the mug from last night’s tea and not only carries it to the kitchen, she deposits the teabag in the trash, rinses the mug (oh dear, that one really cost her) and puts it in the dishwasher?! Truly, she is a paragon among humanity, gritting her teeth and showing so few signs of just how excruciating this experience must surely be. She deserves accolades! Awards! Praise! Ibuprofin!”


Me neither.


  • I dunno about a pinched nerve, but I’ve learned that getting old means my old man joints hurt more and that sounds really similar to what you’re going through. I keep messing up my shoulder and I seem to have messed up a knee and I keep regularly attempting things, to which they respond, “NOPE!”

    That said, my arthritis does sometimes let me know about storms that are a’comin’. So that’s nice.

    • I’ve never had a weather-anything. It doesn’t exactly sound good, mind you, but people talk about it the same way they’d talk about an unfortunate pet. “Fido wasn’t the prettiest dog, and he didn’t like anyone outside the immediate family, but he could fetch a ball thrown just about anywhere.”

      It intrigues me. I don’t want it, but I want to understand it.

      Also, growing old sucks, but it’s pretty awesome that you’re still here. <3

  • Aww thanks. I was happy to discover you were still posting. I haven’t decided if I was just dumb and missed the link before or what.

    It was a lot more prevalent before I started taking meds for it, but it still happens sometimes. For me, my joints just became more uncomfortable than normal — not immensely so, but enough to notice. And then, it’d rain or storm clouds would blow through. Once that happened enough times that I noticed the pattern, it was neat and maybe a little annoying and ego bruising.

    Nowadays, I don’t get a lot of arthritis pain as often and, when I do, it tends to be more centered around some event. Like, I did a lot of work that used a lot of grip or I was dehydrated or kept forgetting to take my meds for awhile.

    But when I wasn’t medicated or when I had an active injury for something that I use regularly, I’d probably have been more likely to slide into a pit of despair than move across the room and do something simple.

    • Naw, I took it down for a while to avoid feeling exposed. I miss it, though. I don’t think I’ll post super often or anything, but sometimes a wild hare (hair?) takes me.

      Pits of despair are not recommended. They SEEM all nice and warm, but then you realize they’re actually sticky and oozy and tend to smell bad. They’re a trap, like unexpected raisin cookies.

      • Fair, though I almost want to imagine you were concerned about some clandestine force. In which case, I would assure you, the secret societies are clearly fake or incompetent (or the Illuminati are just a secret club about advancing lighting solutions). Clearly, the past few years have proven it.

        I am glad to know I haven’t just been missing buttons all this time, though I did have an older link that worked for awhile.

        Mine is stuck in a weird limbo where I wanted to redesign parts of it again (mostly to have a cooking section), didn’t finish, and now no longer feel the urge to write (or, for some topics, to be publicly available to be read).

        No one recommends the pits of despair. Everyone knows that you’re only supposed to eat the fleshy bits of the despair fruit.

        • I’ve overindulged in despair fruit of late. Need to rearrange my diet. 😉

          And its tough to update and maintain a site after a full day of work (and you with a full house of family). Just … an awful lot of mental energy that I haven’t been feeling lately. Which is why my blog updates will be mega sporadic at best, with no promises on posting timeline.

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned