Tami Parker Fantasy Author & Other Duties as Assigned

About Tami


Hi there! I’m Tami, and I write fantasy stories.

I’ve published flash fiction, short stories, and novels across multiple subgenres, but they all share an unapologetic core of magic and adventure.

I grew up in the wild cowfields of Texas, dodging prickly pear cactus and cowpatties while learning how to properly use the word “y’all” in a sentence.

A list of factoids:

  • In addition to writing, I also play a perfectly healthy number of video games and spend a lot of time cooking.
  • I am pretty sure that knitting is a form of wizardry.
  • Coffee and chocolate are NOT sins.
  • I have been known to get lost in my own kitchen. Multiple times. In the same ten minute time span.
  • I have worked as a groom at a horse ranch, a dog trainer at a cloning facility, a lawn and garden cashier at a popular ‘Mart, and a web designer/developer.
  • I have tattoos for each of my larger writing works, not all of which are publicly available.
Tami Parker Fantasy Author & Other Duties as Assigned

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