Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned



I grew up in the wild cowfields of Texas, dodging prickly pear cactus and cowpatties while learning how to properly use the word “y’all” in a sentence.


I have sustained several prominent and notable careers, including:

  • Groom at a horse ranch. I mucked stalls, curried coats, braided tails, and learned the difference between “I-enjoy-what-you-are-doing” ear flicks and “I-shall-presently-bite-you-with-no-other-warning” ear flicks.
  • Dog trainer at a Housebreak Hotel, a rehoming halfway house for beagles who had finished their tenure at a cloning facility run out of Texas A&M University. I have successfully resisted the urge to clicker-train my coworkers, but there’s no denying the value of food-based motivation.
  • Lawn and garden cashier at a popular ‘Mart. There, I learned the power of a smile and how to genuinely listen to folk, and also that I never want to work at a ‘Mart again.
  • And, of course – web designer and developer. PHP, C#, SCSS, JQuery — no matter what tool you use, all that matters is that the end result is the best experience possible.


I’ve published flash fiction, short stories, and novels across multiple subgenres, but they all share an unapologetic core of magic and adventure.

Steampunk, horror, urban fantasy, superhero fic … I have yet to meet a fantasy subgenre I don’t love, and I read as voraciously as I write. Bypassing my initial shyness in public is as easy as asking me about my favorite authors.

You’ll find most of my stuff is published under either the pseudonym “Taven Moore” or my previous married name of “Tami Moore”.

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned