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Potterverse Query

To my Potterhead friends (read that twice to make sure you got the right connotation /wink) please answer me this question:
For each Hogwarts house, please tell me the sorts of things you would expect to find on a desk in their room.
For example:
  • Ravenclaws: tidy stacked books, a full inkwell and feather quill, a muggle rubix cube.
  • Hufflepuff: messy stacked books with random bookmarks, snacks, a plant
How do YOU envision each stereotypical house desk? Who has a broom care kit? Who is tidy? Who has art supplies?
… asking for a friend. /wink
If you’re felling frisky, I’d love to know YOUR Hogwarts house, too.



I neglect my art. I do. I don’t want to focus entirely on it, but it definitely falls by the wayside and I don’t want it to.

Plus, I kind of miss having polls on my blog, don’t you? SURE YOU DO!

So here’s the thing. I want YOU guys to help me decide what to focus on for my art. I’m going to start with two weeks and change the time frame if needed.

So! Without further ado, what should I focus on drawing and learning for the beginning of September? (you may choose up to 2)


Tami Should Write ...

  • Serial fiction, in the style of Choose. I, as a reader, would be delighted to participate in such polls! (50%, 4 Votes)
  • Serial fiction, but ditch the polls. I'd rather just read it as it comes out. (25%, 2 Votes)
  • Publishable fiction. You're overdue and you can secretly ferret chapters to me behind password-protected blog posts. (25%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 8

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If you have suggestions about other things for me to practice drawing, feel free to add them via comment and they may appear on an upcoming poll.

I promise to post sketches (yes, even bad ones!) and hopefully at least one fully finished colored piece.

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned