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Subnautica is Nautically Hypnotic


Subnautica is an aquatic survival game available on most platforms and I strongly recommend it.

I’m going to keep this as spoiler-free as I can, but since the definition of a spoiler is in the eye of the beholder, I will leave it to reader discretion on how far you want to continue reading.

Survival Game

Some of you may not be familiar with “survival” as a genre. In short, it’s the kind of game where you find yourself marooned/alone/naked/whatever in a hostile environment and you have to survive.

Most of the time, that involves starting out by punching a tree or a rock or something, then crafting some kind of weapon. By the end, you’ve built an impenetrable base of awesomeness.

Minecraft is a survival game. Ark, Don’t Starve, Rust … even Fortnite falls into this bucket.

Subnautica is by FAR my favorite one that I’ve played.

Okay, but Water?

I know, I know. “The Water Level” is gamer code for “Horrible, Terrible, Worst Level Ever.”

Subnautica got the water level so right that the few times you need to move around on land feel awkward and garbage. Underwater movement is fluid, easy, and for the most part intuitive. Never thought I’d see the day, but there you have it.




Insert Sad Trombone Sound Here

So … this isn’t working.

I have the next chapter ready to go, but the act of going back and editing is draining every drop of joy that I found in doing the original writing.

That’s no bueno.

I tried this method because it is what has historically worked for me in the past — prep the chapters for posting, keep to a schedule, and bam! Accountability + reader excitement = wordcount.


Chapter Delayed (ugh)


It pains me to post this, since I have it 3/4 of the way written already, but this cold is just murdering my ability to focus. (On top of the lingering cough I’ve had since November, I have a head cold now as well — complete with sneezing and mouth-breathing. It’s very attractive.)

It IS a good chapter and I’m excited for you guys to read it, but I can’t even play video games right now and there’s zero chance I’m going to get it finished and edited in time to go out tomorrow.

Words are cheap, but this sort of on-again off-again posting schedule is not intended to be the norm.

I really appreciate your understanding and promise to repay it with a more solid schedule as soon as I reasonably can promise to do so, lol.

Chapter 3: An Unexpected Find


Salty water closed over the back of Akela’s head and she fought back a gasp, saving as much air as she could.

Falling in the ocean while wearing her nicest festival outfit ranked up there with some of the dumber things she’d ever done in her life, and she was glad her sister wasn’t here to see it. 

Her finery was ruined no matter what she did at this point, but the flower chain was so very close. Caught in a gentle current, it drifted out of reach like a feather on the breeze. It would be the work of a few seconds to catch it. She secured her lungful of air and thrust forward, swiping at the twined blossoms.

The current pulled it just out of reach, the delicate orchid petals giving the faintest of teasing brushes against her fingertips. 


No Post Today …


I know, I know. Right on the heels of my declaring Friday to be an official Story Day.

BUT. It’s because I had A Better Idea(tm) for how the chapter should go, and I think it’s well worth exploring. There WILL be a chapter next week (and hopefully it’ll be a good’un)

In other news, it looks like my area’s due for a bit of a snow-pocalypse. Hanging out with my cats and getting in some quality cuddle time sounds just about perfect. Hope you’re all well!

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned