Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned



Choose: An Interactive Steampunk Webserial
Omnibus Edition – all three novels in one handy package!

An eccentric heiress sets out on a dangerous mission to uncover the truth behind the myth of Starbirth. An enigmatic sky pirate dodging the law and looking for a lucky break jumps at the opportunity for some quick cash. Together, they and their hodge-podge crew embark on a journey that will take them from one end of the world to the other.

The votes of readers propelled the story forward, determining everything from pivotal plot points to a character’s favorite tea flavor.

Holly Lisle’s Adventure of Creation
Short Story Collection

Holly Lisle, a fantasy author also well known for her stellar online writing courses, offers this handpicked collection of short stories from her students. My contribution was “The Definition of a Superhero” and won second place as well as the coveted position of last story in the book.

The Definition of a Superhero
When a pair of supervillains attack a bank vault and the superhero’s arrival only makes things worse, it’s up to a quiet bookstore owner and her weak papercrafting ability to save the day.

Saucy Ink Short Story Collections

Saucy Ink was my old writing group. The group produced multiple volumes of fully-edited and critiqued short stories, each with a fantasy theme.

Unicorns – “The Taxidermist”
The Hunter is growing old — dying, in fact. But when a young girl intrudes into his life, he is forced to decide, quickly, whether she is what she seems, and whether he can be again what he once was.

Dragons – “Love’s Champion”
Fulfilling his duties as Arbiter to the fickle Hellenic pantheon is never easy, but Nathaniel is about to have a very bad day when he attempts to do a simple favor for Hephaestus.

Tami Parker Other Duties as Assigned